CCSS: 6.RP.A.3

TEKS: 6.5B

Building for Birds

Courtesy of Happy City Birds by Thomas Dambo

Since 2006, Danish street artist Thomas Dambo has built more than 3,500 birdhouses as part of his “Happy City Birds” project. His colorful creations dot trees, telephone poles, and awnings across cities like Copenhagen, Denmark; Beirut, Lebanon; and Berlin, Germany.

Birdhouses are an eco-friendly and functional way to bring pops of color to urban areas. Each of Dambo’s birdhouses is made from recycled materials. Dambo paints each birdhouse in cheerful shades with paint donated by a Danish paint company.

Because birdhouses are simple to make, Dambo holds workshops where people can come build birdhouses with him. Each birdhouse eventually ends up as part of “Happy City Birds.” Some of Dambo’s biggest installations were made with help from the local community in Copenhagen, Denmark.