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Courtesy of Puma (left);  Courtesy of Nike (middle); Courtesy of Vans (right)


CCSS: 6.SP.B.5, 7.SP.A.2, MP1, MP3, MP5

TEKS: 6.12C, 6.12D, 7.6G, 7.12B

Sneakers in Style

What’s on your feet? Odds are, it’s a pair of sneakers! These versatile shoes have made the leap from sports fields to everyday wear. And since the 1980s, sneakers have become trendsetting collector’s items. Sneakerheads—people who collect, trade, and admire sneakers—line up for hours to buy a limited-edition pair from top brands like Nike, Puma, Vans, and more.

 Sneakers got their name from their quiet soles. Formal dress shoes have a hard leather sole that slaps the ground noisily. Sneakers’ flexible rubber soles are easier to “sneak” around in while wearing.

The first sneaker was made in the 1860s for croquet players. They needed a sturdy shoe with a flexible sole that wouldn’t damage the lawns they played on. Sneakers, with their rubber soles, were a perfect fit.

Soon the footwear caught on with other athletes. The first sneaker made specifically for basketball is still popular today: the Converse All-Star. It was released in 1917—more than a century ago! The debut of Nike’s Air Jordan line in 1985 is considered the start for sneakerheads. It was designed for basketball player Michael Jordan when he was a rookie. Nike hoped to earn $3 million in the first three years of the shoe’s sales. They earned $126 million in just one year! And it’s still a top-selling brand.

Today sneakers are a hot commodity. Depending on the sneakers you’ve snagged, you could have a fortune on your feet!

Answer the questions using the information in the infographic and graphs. Want to dig deeper? Go to for
5 more questions! Record your work and answers on our answer sheet.

What did the Nike Moon Shoe sell for at auction?

A. $250,000

B. $400,000

C. $1,000,000

D. $2,300,000

Between which two years did the Nike SB Dunk Low resale prices start increasing?

A. 2014-2015

B. 2015-2016

C. 2018-2019

D. 2020-2021

What’s the change in price for the Puma LaMelo Ball MB.03 from its release to 2023?

A. $21 increase

B. $201 decrease

C. $201 increase

D. $1,201 increase

About how much more did the Nike Air Jordan 13 sell for than the Air Jordan Ship?

A. $50,000

B. $100,000

C. $500,000

D. $800,000

 Find the percent change in resale price of SB Dunks from 2017 to 2021, rounded to the nearest percent.

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