Scholastic: Why did you start your business?
Mo: When I was nine years old, I wanted to wear bow ties, but couldn’t find ones that fit my style. I would go to different stores and see these boring ties. I wanted something that fit me specifically. So I asked my grandma to teach me how to sew. I made my first one, and from there, it took off! I would wear my homemade bow ties to school and my friends would ask, “Where did you get that bow tie? I want that!” And that’s how the business got started.

Scholastic: What’s the best part of your job?
Mo: I love being able to create my own schedule. It’s also awesome when you can tell your mom—who is also one of my five employees—when she has to go to work and when to stop working!

Scholastic: What’s the most difficult part?
Mo: The most difficult part of my job is staying true to myself. I began making my own bow ties back in 2011. I’m growing and things around me are changing, so it’s hard to stick to that original goal that I had when I started my business.

Scholastic: Was there any math you had to learn to run your business?
Mo: I had to learn how to price products and calculate how many yards of fabric I need. I also use math for invoices and keeping track of inventory.

Scholastic: Do you have any advice for other kidpreneurs?
Mo: Figure out what you like doing. But don’t just find out how you could make a profit by doing it, find out how you can help other people by doing it.