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Aquaman is diving back into action this month! JASON MAMOA returns as the undersea superhero in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which hits theaters December 20. In the first movie, Arthur Curry—who was born on land—learns he is heir to the undersea kingdom of Atlantis. He goes on a quest to prevent a war between Atlantis and humanity. In this next installment, he will save Atlantis once again from a mysterious foe!

Aquaman can communicate with sea creatures. He also wields a powerful trident that gives him control over the seas. The new movie was partially filmed in Oahu, Hawaii, so Momoa—who is Native Hawaiian—was right at home!

Read on about the Aquaman movies and its star, Jason Momoa. Then plug in the numbers to solve the equation below and reveal a final fact.


Courtesy of DC Comics

Year Aquaman’s first solo comic series was published by DC Comics


Jason Momoa’s height in inches


 Days the team spent filming the first Aquaman film


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Length of Aquaman’s trident in centimeters


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Number of shots in Aquaman with computer-generated underwater hair. It was one of the most difficult effects for the special effects team to pull off! (money)