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TEKS: 6.4B

Slime CEO


Scholastic MATH asked Angelina Ly about her business Firefly Slime, which she started when she was 14!


Scholastic: Why did you start your business?
Angelina: It was an accident! I’ve always loved crafts: crocheting, painting, and slime. After posting my slimes on Instagram, my followers kept asking to buy them, so I set up a temporary online store. It eventually became permanent!

Scholastic: What’s the best part of running your business?
Angelina: Hearing stories from my customers! It is so touching to see my slime on someone’s wish list, gifted for a birthday, or putting a smile on someone’s face after a bad day.

Scholastic: What’s the most difficult part?
Angelina: Being my own boss! I do it all: shipping, graphic design, marketing, and more. I am also a full-time college student. I learned quickly how to manage my time so that I can run my business without having it interfere with my studies.

Angelina got her start on Instagram, where there are more than 15,000,000 posts tagged #slime

Scholastic: What math do you use to run your business?
Angelina: Making slime is a science as much as it is a creative outlet. Just like baking a cake, making slime requires specific amounts of each ingredient. Over the past six years, I’ve perfected my slime recipes. Today my slimes are the best quality and texture, thanks to all my experimentation. Finances and budgeting also play an important role. I have to calculate the quantity of supplies to purchase and do taxes.

Scholastic: What advice do you have for other kidpreneurs?
Angelina: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! When I started, I knew nothing about running a business or managing a website. I learned the skills I needed from trial and error and reflecting on how to improve. All it takes is someone who is brave enough to start turning their dreams into reality.


Working With Ratios

You can make slime at home with 3 main ingredients: glue, baking soda, and saline solution. Angelina perfected her slime recipes by experimenting and finding the best ratios of each ingredient. She customizes her products by adding coloring and mixing in elements like glitter and sparkling stars. Answer the following questions about making slime on a separate sheet of paper. Write your answers in simplest form.

Answer the following questions about making slime. Write your answers in simplest form. Record your work and answers on our answer sheet.

Angelina tried a recipe with 8 oz of glue, 1 oz of saline, and 2 oz of baking soda. What was the ratio of baking soda to glue?

A. Angelina tried a recipe with 25 oz of glue, 5 oz of baking soda, 3 oz of saline, and 10 oz of glitter. What was the ratio of glue to glitter?

B. What was the ratio of glitter to baking soda?

A. One of Angelina’s experiments contained 72 oz of glue, 6 oz of baking soda, 2 oz of saline, and 36 oz of glitter. What is the ratio of baking soda to saline?

B. What was the ratio of glitter to baking soda?

C. What was the ratio of glitter to glue?

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