CCSS: 6.RP.A.3.A, 6.RP.A.3.C, 8.G.C.9, 5.NF.B.4, 7.RP.A.3, MP2, MP6, MP7

TEKS: 6.5B, 8.6A, 5.3I, 7.4B, 7.4D

An Amazing Penguin Rescue

When a massive oil spill threatens thousands of penguins, can scientists and volunteers save them?

Jim McMahon/Mapman (globe)

Answer the following mixed-skill questions about the penguin rescue. Round answers to the nearest whole number when necessary. Record your work and answers on our answer sheet.

Of the 20,251 oiled penguins treated, 18,294 survived. What percent is that?

A. 75%

B. 80%

C. 90%

D. 95%

Workers used 302 jugs, each containing 25 liters of degreaser, to clean the oil off the penguins. How many gallons is that? (Hint: 1 liter = 0.26 gallons)   

A. 1,963

B. 2,866

C. 4,052

D. 7,550

The oiled penguins were kept in cylindrical pools roughly 3 feet tall with a diameter of 12 feet. Find each pool’s volume.
(Hint: Volume of a cylinder = π x rx h)

A. 85 feet3

B. 339 feet3

C. 432 feet3

D. 1,356 feet3

The penguins from Dassen Island were brought to a location 500 miles away. They returned home—after it had been cleared of oil—14 days later. How many miles did the birds swim per day on average?

A. 22 miles

B. 28 miles

C. 32 miles

D. 36 miles

Most of the 3,500 oiled birds found and rescued on Dassen Island were adults. But of them were juveniles. How many is that?

In 2000, about 12,000 penguins lived on Robben Island. Despite the spill, the population increased by 18% the next year. About how many penguins were there in 2001?

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