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Taylor Swift

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There isn’t much that singer-songwriter Taylor Swift hasn’t accomplished over the 19 years of her professional career. At age 11, she started recording demos in Nashville, Tennessee. Then she released her first album at age 16 and went on tour with major country stars at age 17. Swift’s songs started climbing the Billboard charts, and she became the youngest-ever winner of the Album of the Year Grammy in 2010 at age 20.

Swift has written hits in nearly every genre. From country to indie folk and rock to synth pop, she’s tackled them all. It’s no wonder that in 2022, the demand for tickets to Swift’s Eras Tour was so high that it broke the ticket selling platform Ticketmaster.

Read on to learn more about Taylor Swift. Then plug in the numbers to solve the equation below and reveal a final fact.


Big Machine Records

Number of studio albums Swift has released since her debut album in 2006


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Number of Grammy Awards Swift has won—out of 46 nominations


Archive PL/Alamy Stock Photo

Millions of Spotify streams of her songs on October 21, 2022—the most in one day of any artist!


Hennen/Means/Marek via Wikipedia

Length, in inches, of the millipede species named for her: Nannaria swiftae

TAS Rights Management (The Eras Tour)