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By the Numbers: She-Ra

Courtesy Everett Collection

Left to Right: Swift Wind, Princess Glimmer, Bow, She-Ra

Marcus Scribner had never heard of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power before he was asked to audition for it. The show is now in its third season. Dreamworks and Netflix reimagined the classic cartoon with a cast of powerful princesses—and Scribner’s character, Bow, an upbeat archer and engineer. He doesn’t have magical powers like Adora, who can use her sword to transform into the mighty She-Ra. But Bow still helps fight against the invasion of the Horde. “I got drawn into the show because of its message that it’s ok to be different and to be uniquely you,” Scribner says.


Courtesy Everett Collection

Year that the original She-Ra cartoon first aired


Dreamworks Animation Television

Number of times Bow says “Best Friend Squad” in Seasons 1 and 2. That’s what he calls the core trio of Glimmer, Adora, and himself.


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Minutes it takes on average for Scribner to record an episode of She-Ra


Dreamworks Animation Television

Number of TV shows Scribner has been on, including Black-ish and She-Ra


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Episodes of Black-ish Scribner has starred in as Andre Johnson Jr.

Netflix/Photofest (She-Ra poster)