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CCSS: 6.RP.A.1

TEKS: 6.4C, 6.4E

All-Women Spacewalk


Christina Koch (left) and Jessica Meir (right) float upside down on the International Space Station.

Two astronauts made history last October when they participated in the first ever all-female spacewalk. During a spacewalk, astronauts leave their spacecraft, usually to fix or replace something on the vessel’s exterior. In this case, the astronauts were aboard the International Space Station (ISS), a laboratory larger than a football field floating about 250 miles above Earth.

Christina Koch and Jessica Meir spent almost 7 hours outside the ISS replacing a broken battery. Koch will come home to Earth in February, and Meir will return in March. Koch will have spent a total of 335 days in space, just shy of the NASA record for a single space mission. Scientists will study her to understand how extended stints in space affect a woman’s body.

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