CCSS: 6.NS.B.3, 7.NS.A.3, MP4, MP6
TEKS: 6.4B, 7.4D

Pizza Bot

Hans Geel/ (pizza); Starship Technologies (robot)

If you order a Domino’s pizza in Germany, you might open the door to a cheerful robot instead of a delivery person. A company called Starship Technologies created the cooler-sized delivery robot. It has six wheels, weighs 18 pounds, and can fit up to five medium pizzas in its storage compartment. Since the first prototype was made in 2014, the delivery bot has been used in 59 cities in 16 countries.

The robot navigates city streets using cameras and sensors to “see” its surroundings. It cross-references this data with high-resolution maps to travel from the restaurant to hungry pizza fans who unlock the bot with a unique code texted to them. Just don’t expect it to climb up stairs!