Student View

Sky-High Target

Jiao Zi/Imaginechina/Newscom

This past fall, a group of elite skydivers jumped off a 4,780-foot cliff in Tianmen Mountain National Park in China. They flew using specialized wingsuits—garments that help skydivers glide long distances. These daredevils were competing in the 6th Carabao World Wingsuit Championship. In the contest, participants whiz through the air and try to hit as many polystyrene targets with their bodies as possible. Gabriel Lott of Brazil took home the top prize.

It takes years of training to prepare for a wingsuit jump. You need to be an experienced skydiver first. In Brazil, you must log 250 plane jumps with parachutes before your first wingsuit jump. Lott loves the thrill of the sport. “Every time I’m there, I still get adrenaline no matter how many jumps I’ve done.” And that’s saying something—Lott has more than 600 wingsuit jumps under his belt!

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